Romantic weekend!

With the in-laws and a bunch of kids!

(My husband is so nice to me. For reals. Every year I give him a list of death anniversaries for which he’s required to host a dinner, and then tell him where we’re going on vacation with my parents.)

We did our traditional weekend in Galena last weekend, and it was every bit as magical as it always is. We’ve been going since before I was born (I say we because I did the math and it was alarmingly close to 40 weeks before I was born. Eww.) and it is so special to share with my kids now.

The couple in the room above us also had a magical weekend. A very loud magical weekend, multiple times a night. A magical weekend I was really worried I would have to explain to my six-year-old. A magical weekend I was awake for not because of similar sextytime reasons but because my three-year-old got scared and was only comforted by sleeping on my husband’s face with his feet in my neck.

And they say marriage isn’t sexy. Lies, I tell you.



We caravanned with my parents and sister, so it took us roughly eighteen hours to make the 175 mile drive. But that was okay because we had coffee and I stopped and bought cinnamon rolls at a Kwik Trip and yeah I know that sounds super janky, but you know what? BEST DAMN CINNAMON ROLLS I’VE EVER HAD. So there.


Seriously. Cannot explain how amazing it is to see these two little people, people whom I wasn’t sure I would be lucky enough to have, in my most favorite place on earth.


And now that we have Poppyseed???? SERIOUSLY GUYS it’s amazing.

No there’s no hotel sex. But look at those little heads!!!

I tried to take a nice picture with my kids. One complied. I’ll let you guess which one.


Cooper even flew to meet us!



J Kids Christmas album cover.

Buddy has some thoughts on how amazing hot chocolate is.



She wanted to play fancy ladies so I let her play with makeup and gave her contact dermatitis. Oops. Oh well, we had fun.


On Sunday it snowed, which was magical because we were leaving and didn’t have to walka round in it.

(Or at least it was magical until I turned into my mother and flipped out about the dangerous roads.)







And of course, the sign of a good trip, both kids passed out in the car after about ten minutes.

Already can’t wait for next year.

Photo Catch Up

Ugh guys. I was so good with the blogging. I was like on top of it, and doing a schedule, and planning out getting my own domain and using it more like a job and…then shit hit the fan.

My car was hit, my kid had to have surgery, I had a minor breakdown because my kid had to have surgery and I can BARELY keep it together for everyday life much less stressful life, and I was just generally busy and cranky and in a bad mood and BUSY and…ugh, whatever.

I’m back at it, I promise. Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. I have a “get ready with me”-type post coming, which is basically a tutorial for a simple everyday makeup look that I use most days, a Butterfly crown-filter tutorial (yaaaay Halloween two weeks late!), a review of the Kat von D Metal Matte palette, and my Birchbox just came and I have SO MANY OPINIONS ON IT ALREADY AND I BARELY EVEN OPENED THE RIDICULOUS OUTER PACKAGING.

Oh, and depending on how tonight goes, I can talk about the downfall of this experiment in democracy.

In the meantime, here’s some crap that happened of the last few weeks.

My car was hit, and while it was getting repaired I had a rental minivan and it was the most amazing thing int he world and now my transition to middle aged sexually repressed soccer mom is ALMOST COMPLETE. I just need a few more pairs of yoga pants. And some kids in soccer.

(I’m kidding. My kids are NEVER doing soccer.)

Buddy had hernia surgery, and is just fine now. As you can tell from the progression of pictures, he did not appear to be in too much pain (or indeed any pain) and mostly thought it was cool that he got to watch Curious George in the hospital, as well as the construction guys across the street. If you ever want to show a three-year-old a good time, have them come off of anesthesia while watching construction. They’ll think they’re in a episode of Bob the Builder.

Halloween came, and after much consternation Buddy decided to go as CatBoy from PJ Masks. Squeaks was always Owlette, and that made sense to me in a purely aesthetic fashion, so that was lovely.


My sister and I were not going to let the kids have all the fun.

I joined a book club online with my almost new sister and then I started an in person one with my in town friends because I don’t feel like I drink enough.


Michael and Rachel discussed adopting American Girls.


We visited the Shrine to Our Lady of Good Help in Green Bay. It was a gorgeous day and a beautiful place for devotion.


Buddy had such a devotion that he didn’t want to leave. Or he just wanted to play. Probably that. A mother can hope.


I bought an awesome mug.


We spent an awesome day caravanning with my parents in Door County.


Aaaand…witnessed the downfall of civilization.

Not bad for a few weeks of not blogging.