Catholic Sistas Post- Practicing NFP

So I’m super honored and happy to be able to write for the amazing Catholic women’s blog Catholic Sistas. Here is my post from this month. 

For a long time, I did not understand why the Church would put so much upon us. I waited to be intimate with my husband until we were married. And now because of medical issues I can’t even have sex when I want to now that I am married? That hardly seems sporting. I was whining about this in confession once, and a priest friend told me that obedience always precedes understanding.

That made sense. I did not like it, but it made sense.

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2 thoughts on “Catholic Sistas Post- Practicing NFP

  1. The funny thing about google searches is that you end up in some unexpected places. I was searching eye pencils and false eyelashes, and somehow found your blog. And saw this post, just sitting there, as I have been contemplating giving in to my mother’s pleas to go back to the church. Then I read this and said, “yeah, nope.” I give you lots of credit if you are truly convinced that the church is right about birth control, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg of hooey that the church is floating to me. NFP about destroyed my marriage and my husband’s vasectomy saved it. Thanks for the reminder of why I left in the first place.

    1. Thank you for reading! I hope you found your eyelashes- those things are important. 🙂 I realized that the link did not work in the original post- I fixed it, so you should be able to read the full post on if you’re interested.

      I am truly convinced, yes. I don’t like not being able to do whatever I want to do, whenever I want, and I did think that it was ruining my marriage. But through a lot of arguing and whining and fighting, I have come the conclusion that it actually saved it, and by putting something else (the possibility of eternal life) above my own desires (however good they are,) my husband and I are able to have a truly sacramental marriage.

      Abstinence sucks though. 🙁

      Thanks for reading!

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