Praying and Playing

The kids were playing with their saint dolls in the car today. What follows is a conversation between St. Christina, a 13th century Belgian saint who was known for levitating, and St. Michael, the Arch Angel. (He of “defend us in battle” fame.)

Buddy: Hi! I’m St. Michael the Elf Angel.

Squeaks: No, Buddy. ARCH.

Buddy: Yeah. Elf Angel.

Squeaks: *sigh* Okay. Hi! How are you!

Buddy: I’m good. Have you met my best friend Buddy? He’s my best friend.

Squeaks: Oh! Yes! He’s my best friend too!

(My mother’s heart warms.)

Buddy: Can we get married?

Squeaks: Um. No. But we can be friends!

(Oooh. Friend-zoned. Saint style.)

Buddy: Okay. I have a sword.

Squeaks: I know. A silver sword. I have…I don’t know what this is in my hand.

Buddy: How about I hit you with the sword?

(If it was safe to do a headdesk while driving, I totally would have.

And while this post is not sponsored, it’s just random hilarious stuff my kids say, I suggest you check out the gorgeous (and fun!) saint dolls at Praying and Playing on Facebook for great gifts!