Lazy Girl’s Guide to Home Management, Part 4: Budgeting 

Um. I’ve got nothing.


No no no. I mean, I’m horrible at budgeting. Well, it’s not that I’m horrible at budgeting so much as I’m horrible at sticking to a budget and like, guys, I’m really bad at it.

But because I’ve struggled so long with it, I have some thoughts about things that make it easier or more effective. 

So here are my tips for budgeting when you hate budgeting. 

  1. Use a budget. If you don’t have this written out somewhere- write it out somewhere!
  2. Online tools like are free and easy and really help stupid people like me see where my money is going (as though it went anywhere other than Sephora and Gwynnie Bee.) 
  3. Make sure you have categories budgeted for gifts and charity. These are two major areas of your budget that you definitely should not get rid of but we often forget to separate.
  4. If you’re bad at this like I am, force yourself to look at it every week. There’s nothing worse than ignoring it for a month and being surprised. 
  5. Be on the same page as your spouse. If you’re not (like me) pray about how to get on the same page. 
  6. You know what? Just pray about it in general. Seriously. You need to.

So…not really groundbreaking stuff. And if my husband reads this I hope he’s stopped laughing hysterically at the thought of my giving anyone financial advice.