Lazy Girl’s Guide to Home Management: Part 2

Last week in our series we discussed general scheduling and my overall obsession with paper things I can write lists on. This week we’re going to move on to actual things you can do to make your life run smoothly.

This week- cleaning! (And schedules. Of course. I schedule everything.)

Keep in mind, like everything, everyone has different standards and desires. I can’t handle having a messy house. I need things to be neat and orderly and it bugs me when they’re not. That is just me though. Some people don’t mind clutter and would rather devote their time to other things. GREAT. That’s awesome. I am sincerely not judging you.

(Also, PSA. This does not mean that I have OCD. The fact that I compulsively take pregnancy tests and throw up when I smell BBQ sauce means I have OCD. All that wanting a clean house means is that I WANT A CLEAN HOUSE.)

I also love doing things other than cleaning. In fact, I hate cleaning. I really, really do not enjoy it. There is literally nothing in my life that I detest more than having to clean for most of the day before a party. Ugh. Such a waste of time.

So I developed a system for people like me who want as much time for Netflix viewing as possible, but like to watch Netflix in a relatively clean and put-together environment. Back when I started keeping house, I googled cleaning schedules and found a bunch of ones on Pinterest that were either too lax or too crazy. (Clean the oven every week? Nah, thanks, I’m good.) But I loved the idea of having a set schedule for cleaning so that a.) my house would always be in relatively clean condition, and b.) so I could have a specific end to the tasks. For me, I can’t relax and enjoy life if I have things left to do. But if I know I’m finished for the day, I can totally relax.

(That might mean I have OCD. But it has nothing to do with cleanliness.)

So I made my own! I know! Get excited!

I’m working on turning this into a full printable version, and I’ll update this post with it accordingly.

Basically all I did as break up the tasks into daily items, weekly items, and quarterly items. For my life (and I’m guessing yours), there is no reason to vacuum your drapes every month. Once or twice a year is good. Maybe I’m lazy, but whatever.

A few things- I avoided scheduling things on the weekends. Weekends are family and relaxing time for us and I want to protect that. Furthermore, we try to avoid any unnecessary work on Sundays. I also focused on inside the house. My husband takes care of the outside, and while this might be nauseatingly traditional, it’s how our life works. Finally, I have a full set of cleaning supplies (duster, broom, bucket, cleaners, towels, etc.) on each floor. This makes a huge difference for me just psychologically. I know it’s stupid because hauling a broom upstairs is not that big a deal. But it makes such a difference to me knowing everything is already up there. I do way more work than I used to. Well worth a $8 broom on amazon.

Daily Tasks:

  • Make beds and tidy rooms
    • Yes, I know I should have my kids do this for their own rooms. But most days it’s so much easier to do it myself.
  • Tidy kitchen and unload dishwasher.
  • Wipe bathroom sinks and toilets. (Otherwise my toilets get nasty and dusty and I hate that. Anybody else?)
  • Water plants in summer.

Weekly Tasks:


  • Kitchen
    • Sweep and wipe floors.
    • Wipe out garbage disposal.
    • Clean out fridge.
    • Wipe down cabinets, walls, and counters.
    • Clean microwave.
    • Dust ceilings, woodwork, and flat surfaces.
    • Cursory cleaning of cabinets (make sure most things are in their place, but not a huge reorganization.)
  • Trash
    • Combine trash from all little cans around the house and take out to garage.
  • Wash laundry.


  • Living Areas
    • Dust woodwork and furniture in living room and dining room.
    • Vacuum carpet.
    • Sweep and wipe hardwood floors.
    • Clean mirrors and smudges on interior windows.
    • Cursory cleaning of front hall closet.
  • “Stage” trash (make sure all boxes are broken down, bags are together, etc.)
  • Fold and put away laundry.


  • Bathrooms
    • Clean toilets, sinks, and mirrors in both bathrooms.
    • Scrub tub and shower.
    • Sweep and wipe up floors.
    • Dust woodwork, walls, and flat surfaces.
  • Take trash out to the road for pick up.
  • Wash laundry.


  • Bedrooms
    • Change sheets.
    • Dust furniture and woodwork.
    • Wash comforters and sheets (comforters really only once every other week or so.)
    • Sweep and wipe floors.
  • Hallway and stairs
    • Dust.
    • Sweep and wipe hardwood floors.
  • Trash (collect and take out, like Monday.)
  • Fold and put away laundry.


  • Family Room
    • Dust woodwork and furniture.
    • Sweep and wipe hardwood.
    • Vacuum carpet.
    • Wipe down closet doors/handles.
  • Wash laundry.
  • Fold and put away laundry.
  • Clean out car.

Quarterly Tasks:


  • Clean oven.
  • Vacuum drapes.


  • Wash windows.
  • Purge kids toys (after July birthday.)


  • Clean gutters.


  • Wipe chandeliers/bulbs.
  • Purge kids toys (after Christmas.)

So I know this looks like a lot, and typing it out made me tired just thinking about it. But seriously, this takes maaaybe half an hour a day. I get up early so I can do stuff before my kids get up, and that works great for me. Maybe your kids are older and you can work it into the day, or stay up later in the evening. I work really well in the morning, and my husband already leaves suuuper early, so this is what works for our family.

Finally, a note on laundry. This is what I struggle with the most because IT IS NEVER OVER. NEVER EVER FINISHED GAAAAHHH. Seriously. I actually physically love the act of doing laundry, but it still annoys me that THERE IS SO MUCH AND IT NEVER ENDS. We have four people in our home, and I wash towels and stuff pretty frequently. So for us a washing on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and fold on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday schedule has worked really well. I don’t get overwhelmed by having to have everything finished in a single day, but I constantly stay on top of things with a distinct endpoint. (Hamper empty? Done for the day.)

I hope this helps a little if you’ve ever been interested in trying anything like this. I’ll update with printables as soon as I can!


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  1. Ok so you probably remember me from church/mom’s group (we moved) , but your blog came up on my FB feed a while back and OMG these posts have been so helpful!! Seriously. I got a planner and scheduled my cleaning tasks this week and it was such a pleasant week. I’m usually so stressed by the never-ending cleaning tasks and feeling like I’m never done, but this changed my week. So I had to come back here and thank you for that ?

    1. Ah! Of course I remember you! I miss you guys! I hope your Joey is doing well! I’m so glad you like the blog!

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