Week One and Two: We Still All Like Each Other.

Kind of. I mean, the principal and I fight sometimes. Mostly because he doesn’t pick up his underwear from the floor. But then we also make out sometimes. Because we’re married.

Ha! Sorry. That will never be not funny to me, you guys.

Anyway, the first two weeks of school are finished and overall? Pretty good, y’all.

We’ve been super busy, which has made actually hitting our stride with scheduling. Squeaks struggles with transitions, so I’ve been trying to keep us working for a chunk of time in the morning and get everything done. But now she’s trying to get everything finished super fast and doesn’t want to stop to fix anything like, oh, her nines facing backwards.

So tomorrow I’m going to try to switch it up and schedule playtime in the middle of the morning. Hopefully it would be enough to give her a break but having it actually scheduled will be official enough for her little executive function-challenged head.

One can only hope.

My favorite part of this year is that both my mom and my bonus mother are so involved. both of them homeschooled their kids* and help me out when they’re able to. This morning I had my prayer group and so I laid out all the subjects I wanted Squeaks to finish and my bonus mom took care of everything! I even came home to cute pictures of her doing her work.

*I know. My husband. He loves him some homeschooled girls apparently.


My mom helps out almost every day. We’re learning Latin together this year (or relearning as it’s been awhile since high school for me) and it’s so much fun to have my mom and my little girl bonding over a language. She’s also doing a ton with Buddy while I work with Squeaks. And now Buddy can count to fourteen now, so that’s super fun.

I know he’s three. We’re still happy about it. Shoot low. That basically my parenting motto.


One of the best things I’m doing differently this year is actually for me. After having a slight (major) breakdown last year, I realized that unless I’m a happy person I am not going to be a happy mother. Or a very effective teacher.

So I’ve started getting up with Buzz in the mornings, which gives me about an hour to myself before the kids get up. I get my housework done, and have enough time to do my own reading.

This year I’m following The Coming Home Network’s plan for reading the Bible and the Catechism in a year. (I’m only doing it on school days, so it’s going to take me a little bit longer than a year.) It’s available for free as a download or a $1 booklet at chnetwork.org. It only takes about 10 minutes (I read fast) and it really makes me feel centered to do some spiritual reading every day.

I also have a pile of parenting books that I’m working through. I read a lot, but I tend to get caught up in mostly novels. Which is fine, but then I ignore the ones that I should be reading to help me along my journey. So I devote ten minutes to that as well.

Finally, I make sure to say a rosary in the morning. I love doing a daily rosary, and doing it in the morning honestly makes my day so much easier. I know part of it is just the meditative/repetitive prayer aspect, but I love starting my day by petitioning the Blessed Mother.

So overall, we’re still doing okay. And I get to make out with the principal.




First Grade

Dear Squeaks,

Today is your first day of first grade. I remember being in first grade, and this is completely mind bending to me that I now have a DAUGHTER that will probably REMEMBER THIS TIME IN HER LIFE and maybe I should screw up a little bit less. Maybe.

But nope, it’s true. You are starting elementary school. You’re old enough that we have to register as a school with the state because you’re old enough that you’re required to be in school. That is also a little mind-bending, and the libertarian part of me is like okay guys, time to live off the grid. Shutter the windows and cancel your credit cards. We don’t need no government.

(Then I remember how much I love getting makeup in the mail and I’m like will ipsy still be able to find me on the compound? Probably not. Better stay in civilization.)


You are bright and funny and even on the days when your little personality and my personality end up not gelling too much with each other, I can honestly say that you are my favorite kid in the world and I am so glad I get to be your mother.

You can read and add and think you can swim. You can really do anything you set your mind to. You don’t like joining teams or taking lessons because people want to tell you what to do and you really don’t like that. Which I get. Mommy was never much of a joiner either. That’s okay. You’ll be fine and someday you’ll meet a nice widower and your mother will be like, “I don’t know what happened, she never liked spending time with people before!”


I am so honored and excited to be your teacher, sweetie. I can’t wait to see what you learn- what we learn together- this year.

I love you more,


First Day of First Grade Questions:

I write my name like:


I am 47 inches tall and 51 lbs.

My best friend is: Joey. (Oh!)

My favorite thing to play is: I don’t know. Wait. Tag.

My favorite color is: PURPLE!

My favorite book is: my Frozen book series.

My favorite TV show is: DEFINITELY My Little Pony

My favorite food is: oriental chicken (just like they recorded on the adoption record lol)

When I grow up , I want to be: a mommy.

Something I love: my little brother

Something I don’t like: broccoli.

Something I like about myself: That I have the longest hair in the family.

Something I want to do this year: have a pool party before the first day of fall.




My Daily Schedule, According to My Six-Year-Old. And also my thoughts on mercy. 

As told to her grandmother, who is probably calling social services as we speak. 

“Well. First she lets us cuddle in bed with her while she sleeps in the morning. Sometimes she snores a LOT. Then we get up and stay in our pajamas and we eat breakfast and watch TV.

Then we go to Grandma Susan’s and play. Mommy sits on the couch with her coffee and reads.

During the afternoon, Mommy naps EVERY DAY ALL AFTERNOON and I just lay next to her and play on my tablet.

Then Mommy makes dinner and she has wine and after we go to bed she and Daddy watch grownup shows and have more wine. Sometimes they read books together too. ”

*blink* *blink*


Meals? Grocery shopping? Running our household? Laundry? Other chores? FREAKING HOMESCHOOLING? NOT BEING AN ALCOHOLIC WITH A THYROID DISORDER???

Any of that, sweet pea???

Nope. Just a lot of napping and reading and coffee and wine. And the occasional TV show.

Just for comparison’s sake, here’s what she thinks Daddy’s schedule is like:

“Daddy gets up REALLY early, and he goes to work and he works and he works and he works ALL DAY to take care of us. When he gets home, he plays with us ALL night and even helps Mommy make dinner and then he gives us tubbies and puts us to bed. And then he sits down with Mommy.”

Where is Mommy during the tubbies and bedtime? Presumably sitting with my wine and book.

You know what my actual schedule looks like?

“Mommy gets up with Daddy at some ungodly hour and TAKES CARE OF UNGRATEFUL PEOPLE ALL DAY LONG GAAAHHHHHH.”

And yeah, sometimes there is wine. And coffee. And sometimes I even have five minutes to myself when you’re working on the school work that I’ve spent the last WHOLE SUMMER preparing. And then I do read like half a page of a book. I know. SELFISH.

But no. My kid thinks we have magical elves who also do elementary education.


So. I wrote this yesterday in a lull, like I usually do. I was just going to publish it.

But we had a really hard night. We needed to be up with one kid and deal with a lot of stuff and then the other woke up and this all happened at 3:00 so we got like a lovely hour and a half nap before leaving for work/starting the day. And frankly it seemed fitting with the post I had written.

But then I thought of our engaged enrichment day. I know, right? Stay with me. One of the speakers mentioned the exact situation we were in last night just totally in passing, and how honored he felt to be there for his daughter like that becuase while helping her through the night he was able to do something for her that no one else ever could.

As parents, we are so blessed that we are able to be required to take care of our children. They come to us for everything. They don’t understand that they should be grateful that we literally sacrifice ourselves for them, because they’re little and we’re their parents and that’s how it should be.

I was at a meeting last night and we were discussing the spiritual and corporal works of mercy, and how parents in particular can experience those while parenting literally ALMOST CONSTANTLY and not even notice it becuse most of what we do is SUPER ANNOYING.

But it is filled with grace. It allows us to build a domestic church, and sanctify our homes in a way that no one else has a chance to do. And that’s amazing.

We are so lucky to get to experience mercy and sanctification like that.